History Department

HIST 4619W, “Cultural Encounters in Early Modern Europe.”
HIST 4622Y, “The Italian Renaissance.”
HIST 4500W, “Historiography.”
HIST 3436e, “Machiavelli’s World.”
HIST 3436f, “Le monde de Machiavel.”
HIST 3257F, “The European Reformations.”
HIST 3255F, “Sixteenth-Century Europe.”
HIST 2905Y, “An Introduction to European History, 1500-2000.”
HIST 1618F, “The Ancient Roots of Modern History.”


History Department
HIS 7103, “Re-thinking the Renaissance.”
HIS 7301, “The Italian Renaissance and the Age of Discoveries.”
HIS 4397, “Cultural Encounters in the Early Modern World.”
HIS 4397, “Machiavelli.”
HIS 4397, “Renaissance Italy.”
HIS 3330, “The European Reformations.”
HIS 2391, “History and Theory.”
HIS 1120, “European History, 16th-20th Centuries.”
Yale University
Whitney Humanities Center

Directed Studies 003, “Historical and Political Thought, Herodotus to Aquinas.”
Hums 365a, “City-States of the Italian Renaissance.”
Directed Studies 003, “Historical and Political Thought, Machiavelli to Berlin.”
Hums 264b, “Liberty and Tyranny in Italian Renaissance Political Thought.”


History Department
History 201-1, “European Civilization, 800-1750.”